Nursing Notes 60 High Yield Pocket Nursing Reference Cards, Durable Plastic (3.5″ x 5″) – MedSurg, ICU/Critical Care, Pharmacology, OB/Peds – Waterproof full color reference book for nurses, CNA

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1 EKG Lead Placement
2 Reading an EKG
3 Common EKG Rhythms
4 Heart Sounds and Murmurs
5 Cardiac Blood Flow
6 Pulse Locations
7 Heart Anatomy
8 MI Locations and Interventions
9 Hemodynamic Equations and Normal Values

10 Respiratory Anatomy
11 Normal and Abnormal Breath Sounds
12 ABG Chart
13 Respiratory Assessment

14 Brain Anatomy
15 Cranial Nerves I – VII
16 Cranial Nerves VIII – XII
17 Brainstem Anatomy
18 Circle of Willis Anatomy
19 Stroke Symptoms by Location
20 Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)
21 Neuro Mental Status
22 Neuro Physical Exam
23 Neuro Reflexes and Strength Assessment

24 Psychiatry Mnemonics
25 Psychiatric Mental Status
26 Common Drugs of Abuse

28 Vital Signs and Conversions
29 Common Labs
30 Other Labs
31 Common Equations

32 Common Antihypertensives
33 Common Antiarrhythmics
34 Common ICU Vasoactive Drips
35 Common Insulin Medications
36 Common Drug Antidotes
37 Pharmacology Math
38 IM Injection Sites
39 Common PRN Medications
40 Common PRN Pain Meds
41 Common PRN GI Meds
42 Common Opioid Conversions

43 Pediatric Pain Scale
44 Immunization Schedule
45 Developmental Milestones
47 Pediatric Vital Signs
48 Normal Pediatric Lab Values
49 Common Pediatric PO Meds
50 Pediatric Fluid Management
51 OBGYN Abbreviations

52 Medical Spanish
53 IV Gauges
54 Types of Diets
55 Hyper vs. Hypokalemia
56 Hyper vs. Hypoglycemia
57 SIRS/Sepsis Criteria
58 H&P Note Template
59 Physical Exam Note Template
60 Common Hospital Codes60 Full Color Nursing Reference Card Sheets (Total of 30 cards printed front and back). Accessories include matching card deck box, badge reel and binder ring
Includes high yield reference sheets for all your rotations covering topics in critical care, pharmacology, respiratory care, ICU, nursing, lab values, EKG, medical spanish, medical equations, neurology. Numbered and color coded by system to keep you organized.
Cards measure (3.5″ x 5″) printed on high quality durable waterproof plastic that attach to a binder ring or your ID badge reels. Keep them all together as a book or take only the ones you need on a given clinical day.
Perfect graduation gift for nurses, EMT, CNA, RN, nurse practitioner, physician assistant: high resolution color printing, elegant finish, pre punched, color coated by system to keep you organized

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