Icstation DIY Programmable Button Control Music Sound Module with Speaker 8M Memory for Musical Gift Box Greeting Cards

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We have bought various gifts to various people and sometimes we may feel it is difficuilt to find a appropriate gift for the special person.While you can use this music module to DIY a music box with your creativity and send it to that person at the special day. It has 8Mb memory with programmable design, just use your smart phone USB cable can update the music or the record voice through the computer, thus you can modify various music to compatible with different person and occasions, so interesing and exciting.

1.This is the key control type, when press the key,it will automatically play the music.
2.It can play the record voice, just need you use the recorder to momery the sound then convert it into the MP3 format and import it into this module, then it can play the recorded voice.Music module specially designed for DIY musical greeting cards or musical box
On-board 8M memory with micro USB port, just a smart phone USB cable to connect it with the computer then you can update the music or the record sounds(need the recorder to momery the voice then converter it into the MP3 format, this module can only play 8-320Kbps MP3 file)
Support button trigger(default) or light trigger, easy to develop your projects
On-board 3.7V and 4.5V-5V power supply port, easy to get the power supply from lithium battery or power adapter
Ship it out by e-packet with tracking information and 7-17 days delivery time usually

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